Social Presencing Theatre: Movalogue 2023

For the first time I could observe, in my body, how the stuckness allows tension to build, energy to conserve, amplification to occur, so I can really feel what is there and be with it until it is ready to release. How going with the flow and moving from that power is tense and dense with potential.

Parking Space Events | Il-Kamra Ta Barra

Il-Kamra Ta’ Barra | Parking Space Events in Sliema

A living room made for on-street interaction. Last Thursday, in collaboration with Margerita Pule, Parking Space Events moved across the water from Valletta to Sliema to create a ‘Kamra ta’ Barra’ (literally, an outdoor room). Traditionally the tidy and richly-decorated room Maltese households keep for the purpose of welcoming guests, we built one such ‘kamra …

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Letta Shtohr

Synchronising time

A visual artist for whom time is a consistent fascination, Letta Shtohr talks to me about human and universal time, how we synchronise our time to those we have relationships with and why she’s chasing the Aurora Borealis. Letta is currently in Iceland working on her fifth video in the series Now no longer/ now not yet, which …

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