your magic is needed here

My sense is that we have entered what has been called ‘the space between stories’*. A transitional space where we can see that the status quo does not serve the vast majority of beings on earth. A space where the familiar is crumbling before our eyes, a time when we struggle to understand what’s going on or where we’re going.

I wholeheartedly believe that we can only weave a better story together, that each of us has their own particular and special piece to add to the tapestry.  Most of our leaders are failing us miserably and, more than ever, each of us must step up to the challenge of embracing our leader within. We must find ways of allowing and supporting the magic in each of us to emerge and contribute to something better.

Whatever this work looks like for you, coaching is my way of supporting you to flourish and to reach the potential you can feel but not yet grasp. This work touches your closest circles as well as your outward facing work, different sides of the same thing.

Coaching Offerings:

8 sessions in 2 to 3 months

“I want to communicate who I am and what I do in a way that helps me make meaningful connections”

Are your communications serving you well? With work happening more and more frequently at a distance, the dispatches we send out are often the only way many get to know us. How is your online identity representing you? What stories are you telling about yourself and your work both online and off? When is the last time you evaluated this for yourself? Together we dive deep to get to the core of what you need to communicate, make a plan for the how and move through it.

5  sessions in 2 months
or 10 sessions in 5 months

“I want my website to be an effective tool for the work I feel compelled to do”

Perhaps you are just starting out or it’s time for a re-evaluation of how you present yourself and work through your website. Getting the content, the design and the tech right can be daunting, whether you are doing this for the first time or the 10th. Your website is an opportunity to present yourself and your work in a way that does both justice. Here’s where my coaching comes in. I provide space, encouragement, accountability and mentoring to get through the challenges in the way of making your website the tool you deserve to have at hand.

1-time 60 min session

“I want to reflect on one issue with serenity and clarity.”

This is a 1-hour session focused on one particular issue that you identify beforehand as something you are seeking clarity about. Together we will create a calm space that helps us get to the essence of the issue and make it possible for you to see the situation clearly and know what your next steps are. This can also be a space to clarify what kind of coaching / mentorship you require and get a feel for things before you commit to a longer process. In case you decide to go for a longer commitment, this session can be counted as the first within that.

1 week to few months process

“I have a story to tell but it’s currently a little too intangible for others to connect to.”

Is this story is an important part of the work you feel compelled to do? Perhaps you want to share how you found yourself doing this work, or present the work that you do in a way that does it justice. In these sessions we explore your stories together, going deep to find their essence and a clear way (or ways) of communicating this. These sessions help you to connect to what feels authentic and compelling about your work, in a way that helps you communicate this to others in conversations, in recorded videos, online through your website, emails or social media.
This work can be up to 3 sessions in preparation for a video recording or a longer process over a few months to work on multiple themes.

6 sessions in 3 to 5 months

“I’m going through deep change and I’m at crossroads in my life. I have a sense of where things are heading but I’m not ready to let go into this and feel a lot of confusion and resistance.”

Coaching that can help you clarify where you are at the moment, what your choices are and what values help you to navigate this territory. Based on these values we will look at how best to move to action supported with tools and methods that increase your well being and boost your effectiveness while navigating this life fork.

A note about pricing: Born and raised on the Mediterranean island of Malta, I am very aware of the huge differences in incomes and pricing in different parts of the world. For this reason, I am open to sliding scale rates that extend the lower and higher markers of my rates to better reflect your current personal situation. If you feel called to work with me, do get in touch.

Photos by Niels Plotard Work.

What kind of coaching can you expect?


Your full and weirdest self is hosted and welcomed in these coaching sessions. Together we will take the time to land, check-in and create a space that encourages you to embrace all your emotions, thoughts and parts so that we can work towards receiving the gifts that each of these presents to us.


The science behind how the distributed brain (the nervous system running throughout our bodies) functions provides coaching with context and evidence when navigating the paths of change. We make use of what science has so far proven as a solid framework and secure anchor that makes our work together easier and more effective.


Neuroscience clearly shows us the importance of including the body as part of any path towards change. Coaching sessions will help you to increase your awareness of the information your body constantly gives you (interoception), a powerful tool that we tend to ignore. Together we will also create embodiment practices that help you leverage your body’s help for making lasting change.


Although coaching is focused on the self, acknowledging that we are interconnected to our environment and to each other is an important dimension of any change process. I use systems theory and lean into systemic constellations work to tap into information inherent to the systems we move inside of.

Some questions I'm often asked:

The time interval between sessions depends on what you are trying to achieve and your life situation. I find a two or three week interval to be ideal in giving clients enough space for action and reflection however there are times when weekly or monthly sessions are more apt. You can choose to pace your sessions to best support you.

Most of my sessions currently happen online, mostly for logistical reasons. I usually use Zoom and would send you a link after you book your chat or session. Sound only or phone sessions are also available.

I was actually hired to be a coach before I even knew what coaching exactly entailed. It was framed as consulting, which I was experienced at, but I quickly realised that this was something else. Knowing that I ended up on this project because of natural aptitudes but feeling completely out of my depth led me to search for tools that could help me do this job better. I have now been on this journey for the last four years. I have attended an ICF certified Neuroscience of Change training course for coaches, do ongoing work with my own coach, work on developing my core coaching competences and am currently learning to facilitate Systemic Constellations and learning different layers of the self as part of my ongoing professional development. You can see a list of trainings on my about page.

I have been creating websites with teams and on my own for over 15 years, have worked in design studios, with web departments, did a lot of copywriting for clients and used different CMSs to manage online content. I have also been building my own sites on wordpress for the past 10 years or so.

It’s important to have realistic goals here. For example, a lifelong pattern of behaviour might be shifted in a significant way in a handful of sessions but lasting change will only happen with repetition since we create alternative default neural pathways through lots and lots of practice. Knowledge of neuroscience and working through the body ensure that we have the best available tools to make change as effective and joyful as possible.

It’s important to start this by saying that I am not a psychotherapist and I do not offer therapy. My work is however trauma-informed so that I can work with people who have experienced trauma (that’s most of us really) in ways that do not trigger or make the trauma worse.

In my experience coaching and therapy are extremely complementary. As a rule of thumb, coaching is anchored firmly in the present and looking towards the future rather than exploring the past. Realisations about the past might come up during coaching sessions, more as ways of understanding our current situation and tracking our progress than for the sake of resolving the past (although that sometimes does also automatically happen).

Coaching is also action-oriented and will usually include a goal or task between one session and another as a way of creating accountability and support for your own progress. When compared to therapy, there tends to be more time between coaching sessions (2-4 weeks) and you can usually observe clear world-facing results within a few sessions. Coaching works more frequently in bursts with clear beginnings and endings rather than the ongoing steady weekly/bi-weekly rhythm of therapy.

Please book a free exploratory chat where you can talk about your current situation and what you are looking for from coaching. I will talk a little bit about my background and approach and we figure out if working together sounds like a good idea. If it does, and we commit to working together, I will send you a short questionnaire to fill before our first session. This helps me better understand what you need and how you would like to be coached. Coaching sessions are generally 1 hour long.

* I first came across this term through Charles Eisenstein and his book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.