Greta Muscat Azzopardi. Photo by Niels Plotard.
Photo: Niels Plotard

In this time between worlds
I feel a call to step forward
to show up with presence,
courage and authenticity,
in my work, relationships,
in all of life.

Do you also feel this?

I am here to support you. In letting yourself be truly seen with your own particular puzzle piece that you bring to the world.

Things are not the same without you.

I support individuals, groups and organisations who wish to clarify, understand, embody and clearly communicate aspects of their reality; so they can be effective in what they feel called to do.


One-to-one sessions where you develop clarity and concretely move closer to how you want to show up.

Greta Muscat Azzopardi
Illustration: Bárbara Dantas Amaral


Group processes that tap into collective wisdom and make the best out of working together.

Websites for micro-businesses

A service integrating communications coaching with actually building your website for an all round service that ensures you put out online tools that truly serve your purpose. In partnership with graphic designer Johannes Buch. More info soon, in the meantime contact me if you’re curious.

“Greta is one of my favourite humans. Over the last few months, she has been guiding and supporting me to find the words to express the next movement of my outward work in the world. The highlights for me are the meditations and embodiment exercises, the excellent questions that focus our time together, the experience of marketing and messaging and her wisdom and ability to shift attention to what is needed next. And then the technical skills to take me that bit further building my own website on Squarespace. Trust also feels like a word that needs to be included. The level of conversations we have, the work that I manage to do from those conversations and the sense of agency that I have, come from the trust that is within our relation field. I highly recommend Greta as facilitator, creative thinking partner and trusted expedition leader in the exploration of important things.”

Jamie Colston, Systemic Constellations and Art of Hosting Practitioner