about greta

Photo: Niels Plotard Work.

I’m a facilitator and coach on a mission to encourage us all to let go into the effortless and authentic flow of our lives.

I support individuals, groups and organisations who wish to clarify, understand, embody and clearly communicate aspects of their reality; so they can be effective in what they feel called to do.

Having experienced big life changes and many shifts in identity on my own path towards alignment with what feels true and essential, I want to support others through this beautiful and rewarding journey.

A generalist and connector, I bring the fields of communication, facilitation and coaching together. My toolbox includes Art of Hosting practices,  life-coaching informed by neuroscience, systemic constellations and systems theory, combined with over 15 years’ experience in marketing, writing and website content-creation.

Photo: Niels Plotard Work.

A List of Relevant Trainings

Facilitators Training: Systemic Constellations for Societal Change, 2022 (ongoing), Collective Transitions.

Self-Transformance: The philosophy, phenomenology and practice of embodied transformation, 2022 (ongoing), Pop Up School with Bonnita Roy.

Introduction to Systemic Constellations for Societal Change, 2022, Collective Transitions.

The Neuroscience of Change, 2020-2021, Coaches Rising.

Design for Sustainability: Ecological Design, 2021, gaia education.

The Art of Hosting : Professional Programme on Facilitation and Participatory Leadership, 2019, Brandbjerg Denmark.

The Systems View of Life with Fritjof Capra, 2019.

Motherhood, 2019 (ongoing)

Forum for Cultural Innovators, 2018, Salzburg Global Seminar.

Curatorial School, 2016 & 2017, Valletta 2018 Foundation.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education, 2005 – 2006, University of Malta.

Bachelor with Honours in Geography, 2001 – 2004, University of Malta.

Some testimonials

Greta is a dynamic facilitator, with great skill at holding space in a room, encouraging openness, and sparking conversation. Her meticulous planning and experience leads to insight and she is an excellent collaborator. If you are looking for a creative, compassionate, incisive partner, Greta is your person!
Carl Atiya Swanson
Cast Consulting
Greta is incredibly deft at applying her broad range of skills to her coaching sessions. It feels like being lovingly held, encouraged and challenged all at the same time. She is wise, emotionally intelligent and brilliant. We recently worked through an almost devastating challenge in my business that found me ready to quit all together. Thanks to her sessions I feel quietly confident about the future and refocused, I am very grateful for her support.
Cat Moyle
Embodiment Teacher and Intuitive Bodyworker
Working with Greta has paved the way for a profound shift in my thinking and confidence. I would describe her coaching methods as intuitive and grounding. Our sessions have brought me closer to my values, and I find that I can now make decisions with greater ease and effectiveness. Our coaching work has helped me dissolve feelings of confusion and heaviness surrounding my life's work, and have sparked some much-welcomed lightness and joyful commitment.
Maria K. Pace
Maria K. Pace
Navigating the complex terrains of life is challenging. Flourishing within them, even more: it demands attunement with inner and outer worlds, as well as both the skills and courage to take agency within them. As a coach, Greta creates and holds spaces which support and nourish this process. She builds these spaces upon and through a warm, generous presence, and sharp focus. Her unique approach seamlessly weaves together variegated tools and perspectives which ground and bring clarity to difficult situations. Greta has supported me for many years and in many ways, both personally and professionally. The tools she has passed on to me hold true and strong, and help me, to this day, to find my own anchor in stormy weather. After every session with Greta, I feel inspired, energised, calm, more grounded, and more hopeful. As a dancer and pharmacist, I particularly appreciate and value Greta’s connection with somatic practices and embodied knowledge underpinned by her knowledge and experience in the neuroscience of coaching. As an independent creative, I value Greta’s superb facilitation and communication skills, which have supported me to sharpen my own skills, to discover and to share, more confidently, my voice as an artist and maker. Whether in a moment of transition, facing ambiguity or uncertainty, or simply in need of fine tuning, I absolutely and whole-heartedly recommend Greta to coach you through!
Florinda Camilleri
Dance Artist, Pharmacist & Masters Student