Rucksacks and the joys of packing

My little travel journal suggested laying all your clothes and money out prior to travelling to then half the clothes and double the money. After about 5 min of traveling I can most definitely say the guy is onto a good thing.

With me being a 5 foot something small little person one would think it impossible for me to fill a 65 l rucksack with my clothes but I found I had special skills in this department. Carrying my full to bursting rucksack for a solid 15 min or so, my resolve to take the advice of travel journal man was as strong as ever, removing all kinds of everything save the bare minimum. I’m not sure I managed the full 50% if i’m honest but it definitely looks a lot less like I have a big yellow bus suspended to my back with straps.

Today’s itinerary includes a car ride to Luton, flight to Amsterdam and an eve of city exploring, early morning flight to Singapore and a couple of days wondering before flying to Malaysia. Very much a case of three seasons in just over three days…