Experiments with enough – Day 86

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I’m on St Barbara Bastion, lying down, full after my three cities view Margherita. As I was eating I wondered whether the knight who lives at St Angelo ever does the same on the opposite side of the harbour. It’s nice to imagine a knight eating pizza on the bastion. Does he have an email address?

Knight thoughts aside, today was a mix of slow and fast. Wake up at Bahrija, morning meditation, mini breakfast and a drive to Gnejna where I had a little swim. There was a guy sitting inside one of the boat houses there, very close to where I was swimming and I found myself thinking about public and private space, ownership and humans’ apparent need to mark their territory and reign upon it. Before I left Bahrija I read a few bits of Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth which also talks a lot about ownership eventually becoming a thing of the past as humanity realises that shared resources work much better for everyone. We’ve moved in that direction without a doubt but there is still quite a way to go there.

After lunch with the parentals I returned home with a head full of things that needed doing. I finished my Vat, tax and ssc payments (yay for me, not so yay for my bank account), sent in my final edits for Streets of Valletta and did some Homo Melitensis social media work. On that front, I was incredibly happy to read that the Malta Pavilion was named one of the 5 top ones to see by the Guardian art journalist. Given the incredibly minimal budget that the curators had to make this happen, this is absolutely no mean feat. I’m extremely proud to be a small part of this and hope to be able to bring out as much as possible of the Homo Melitensis flavour in social media over the coming months.

It’s now 10:07 pm and around half of my mind is still active with its long to do list. The rest will take me home to a cup of tea and some light reading in bed with the hope that the first half is also absorbed into it and eventually lulled to sleep.

Photo: I took this on my way home tonight. What a relief it is to see signs of living breathing humans with a sense of humour in this commerce-run capital! Go Kane Cali!