Experiments with enough – Day 85

Bahrija | Experiments with enough

Today is brought to you by a lot of thought. Thought about how to make the house I live in look better without investing too much time and money into a rental accommodation that might disappear any day thanks to Valletta’s rate of gentrification. Thought about owning a house again. Thought about how I could have written more / better / different things about the Venice Biennale. Thought about what I have not written about. Thought about how best to document projects in a way that is not too time consuming and yet brings out the gist of things (Inspired today my Maja Kuzmanovic’s documentation of Tasting Tomorrow). Thought about my tax/ vat return payments. Thought about Ernesto Neto’s magnificent and oh-so-communicative piece at the Biennale. Many other floating, undocumented thoughts.

In between the thoughts, I also managed some good house cleaning, a parental visit, an unsuccessful search for non-sucky curtains and finally an evening at Bahrija writing up documentation for the Permaculture Foundation.