Experiments with enough – Day 99

Today was mostly about our Parking Space Coffee morning. Wake up, little mini yoga session, breakfast, shower and making coffee, packing table, chairs, cups and biscuits in bags.

It took us a good 20-30 min to find a white parking space in Valletta. The one we eventually encountered was a motorcycle space in St Paul Street. Thanks to the press this week we were instantly recognised by a neighbour and also had a biker 🚴 join us. You can read about the whole experience here. I really enjoyed the two hours we spent there chatting, stopping passers by, drinking coffee and hanging around with some very interesting people. Today was the first time that the event took on a life of its own. Each of the people who joined had their own version of events. Their own idea of what it is and what we were all doing there. This made it an even richer experience for me.

The rest of the day involved lunch at home with friends, roaming around Valletta, and eventually a little unexpected trip to Marsascala where we observed the pro seaside picnickers doing their thing.