Experiments with enough – Day 98

I did very little work today. The day programme involved a ferry to Sliema, sitting for Zvezdan Reljic, an amazing photographer and print master, and finally a rather big dose of wedding outfit shopping. This year I have definitely done more shopping than the last 4 years combined (still minute when compared to the average). I guess you could see it as an update of the basics that can then be with me for a long time. I try to buy things that are well made, from small artesian brands rather than mass market. Things that I can see myself wearing again and again and again. I’m also slimming down my wardrobe in the process. Anything that’s not top favourite gets charity shopped in an attempt to minimise my possessions and be lighter. There’s always an edge to my feelings when I buy things, so I try to make my money support good things that I want to see thriving and growing. Sometimes I just buy things that are not the best in terms of environmental or social impact. I’m not particularly proud of that and I’m trying to do that less and less. There are always alternatives if I look hard enough.

In the afternoon I dared look at my bank account to see who had paid and who hasn’t from my last batch of invoices. I somehow seem to work with a very timely-paying set of customers in general. My longest so far have definitely been government bodies (about 3-4 months!). Only one payment came back from the last batch I invoiced so it’s time to do some chasing. I find the whole system of credit bizarre. We buy things on a cash basis every day. You would not dream of going to the supermarket, taking your food and then paying them within 30 days (sometimes longer). Why would anyone expect a freelancer or a company for that matter, to give credit? Based on what premise?

In the evening Jo and I hopped over to feed the cats at the other house (I feel a little fancy saying that even though I clearly own neither). In the beginning they were naughty, antisocial, jumpy. We hung around for an hour or two and played, talked, cuddled and just sat close by. The change by the time we left was incredible. We left two sleepy, calm cats cosy in their sleeping corners. How much difference a little focused attention and time can make!