Experiments with enough – Day 87

A slow day after many fast ones. I woke up at around 8, eventually got myself onto the yoga mat and did half an hour of moving with Adriene. Breakfast and chats with my new friend João and eventually abut an hour of work on a document for the Permaculture Foundation. My mind is queueing up paid jobs I should be doing but I know the key is in finding a balance to be also able to fit in things that are more longterm projects.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, packing, de-cluttering as I prepare to move house tonight to house-sit my lovely friend Josephine’s house for the next two months. Now that I’ve toned down my possessions to something manageable, I really enjoy the process of packing to go to somewhere new. It’s always a great occasion for charity-shopping things I’ve not been wearing and generally minimising what I want to own.

All that’s left to do for the day is to drag some of the bags three floors down and go get the missed German who will be flying in later tonight after a few days away. I’ve done much less than I planned to but I’m happy with what I’ve done nonetheless.