Experiments with enough – Day 74

Experiments with enough | Loving pirate

Epically long day. My throat is a bit scratchy, my brain all foggy. I intended to finish a little more than I got to tonight but I really must sleep now. I slept late yesterday, woke up early and had a full day with three chapters. Morning chapter shopping for food to prototype dishes for the exhibition opening, a Corinthia afternoon episode where I made the online image bank a lot more user friendly and prepared it for sharing. All the moving around of images drove me a little crazy but it felt really good to have gone in and finished the job in a few hours. Focusing on just one task at a time makes things so much more efficient that trying to keep up with 10 things and managing to do none.

I got home close to 6pm, made some quick food and hung out in the hammock for a little while. I eventually ventured out a little and came back home a little after 7pm to continue working on exhibition things. It took me ages to get settled and even when I did, my brain is tired and giving me clear ‘get me to sleep’ signals. It’s 23:33 and I’m finally going to listen.