Experiments with enough – Day 73

Parking space events | Experiments with enough

It’s 2:09 am and I’m finally writing my diary. I’ve been running behind with diary entries these last few days and I decided I’m catching up today, despite it being clearly very much past my bedtime. I find that writing an entry too long after the day gives it all a different flavour and I’m really trying to record my thoughts and feelings on the actual day things happen.

The first part of today was spent with Maja, Nik and Leta planning things for the exhibition opening on Friday. We finalised the four scenarios and design parameters for the chefs to follow, came up with shopping lists, to do lists for each of us and had discussions over what would be exhibited and how. The deadline is close and we’re a tiny team so it’s all about strategy, efficiency and deciding what’s crucial and what’s optional. It’s a super tight project but also one I am really enjoying working on.

This afternoon we had our third parking space event, this time a post-colonial exploration through tea. We found a highly appropriate setting at a parking space bang in front of Manoel Theatre, just off the corner. It turned out to be a popular street and we had a fair few interactions, with a few passers-by also accepting our invitation for a cup of tea and some Morning Coffee (of course) biscuits. We discussed the best post-colonial biscuits, the optimum staring safe-distance required for most interaction (giving people enough space to stare comfortably before even considering engaging), the difficulty of giving away free tea, intricacies of the Finnish language, how to embellish our parking space (which quickly starts to feel like home), and much more.

We made some new friends, got a few new stares, were offered use of a microwave and hot water by a nearby restaurant, were given free coffee (post tea) by the owner of the same restaurant who had earlier stopped by for tea and generally came up with some new plans based on our thoughts and feelings during the tea. My favourite line, “Cranes, cats and parking problems are the three things that are common between Malta and Iceland”. We also ran out of tea. Which I guess is a good thing.