Experiments with enough – Day 75

Finally in bed. Somewhat sniffly and on the edges of a grump. It’s one of those moments when I’m walking the thin line between feeling somewhat miserable and deciding that actually things are really and truly totally ok.

My body is complaining. I’ve been doing too much over the past few weeks and my immune system has suffered the consequences. I’m hoping that tea and a decent sleep will sort me out.

I’m working pretty much flat out on the exhibition this week ( with a few gaps here and there when I’ve fitted in other things). Although we loosely agreed on a fee for my work, the actual sum depends on how much the other exhibition things cost since it all comes out of one fixed budget. There are times when the possibility of getting paid a pittance flashes in my head and at times like these I really need to have my priorities clear. Do I want to do this job even though I might possibly not get paid? Does it feel important to me? Am I taking care of myself? Does this feel good? My answers immediately tell me I’m on the right track and I trust that there will be enough. Some jobs are about balancing my finances, some jobs feel necessary. This is one of them. I have no idea what exactly I’m taking and what exactly I’m giving, just that an important exchange is going on. I’m grateful to be part of it.