Experiments with enough – Day 7

Smart car with surfboard sticking out of the roof.

Today was a play day from start to finish. A much needed one. I woke up with intentions of yoga, continuing to work on the Streets of Valletta (a book by Olive Allison) updates and then perhaps going on a little solo adventure somewhere. Jo (frequently my partner in crime on adventures) was at an all-weekend workshop with Austrian organisation (run by two Australians just to confuse things) Time’s Up. I’ve been hearing updates and getting increasing bouts of missing-out-itis yet I know that I really need to chill out on the weekends at the moment so opted out.

I was reading articles in bed (as you do on a Saturday) when the legendary Peppi (permaculturist / surfer / visionary / doer) messaged me about meeting to sort out paperwork for the Permaculture Research Foundation NGO. And there’s surf in the afternoon he said. The beginner-friendly kind (as opposed to the raging storm levels I attempted to surf in last time round). I leapt into action showering and gathering my things including of course a surfboard that is a fair bit longer than I am and that I can just about fit under my arm if I really stretch my fingers. I was quite a sight going down three flights of steps carrying this massive surfboard, my pink rucksack (what else) and an overpacked tote bag. I somehow made it to my car without being blown over and managed to jam the board in smartie through the open roof.

Peppi and I had luxury lunch in his outdoor living room (three beach chairs around a pallet table under trees in the sun) and then read and signed NGO-related papers for the next two-odd hours. The bank’s forms were downright vintage and mostly felt like they stepped right out of the 70s or 80s. So much needless legal jargon such as ‘specimen signatures’ or archaic ideas such as an ‘online application form’ that is clearly filled in on paper. Was it an application form for me to ‘go online’?

Online application form
What am I applying for exactly?

Surf was a tad cold but beautiful. I borrowed a shortie (wetsuit with cut off legs and arms) that was a little big for me and managed to survive for about 40 minutes in the water. I eventually realised that I could not feel my feet and thought it was probably time to get out of the water. I didn’t manage to catch any waves (sadly) but I absolutely loved the feeling of being there in the midst of the powerful and gentle energy of the waves.

Waves and surfers at Riviera
Wavy waves at Riviera

This evening all three housemates at ArchB (as we refer to our house as) went to Teatru Salesjan for the Fuzzhoneys and YEWS concert which was an absolute delight. Both YEWS who opened the show and the Fuzzhoneys combined great music with wonderful personalities that really shone through. I think I speak for the whole audience when I say that we all fell a little in love with Caroline the drummer who gave hilarious but extremely matter-of-fact commentary throughout. It was my first taste of their music but I really like the feel of this band.

The Fuzzhoneys at Teatru Salesjan
The Fuzzhoneys at Teatru Salesjan tonight