Experiments with enough – Day 8

Periklu Danger in Valletta

There are days (like this one) when I feel like my life is not interesting enough for a public diary. Yet I guess the mundanity of it is exactly what this is about at the end of the day. Apart from sharing my experiences and thoughts with anyone who might be reading I’m really seeing this diary as a way of observing my own life, my thoughts and goings on for a period of time. So here goes today.

Taking time out and being in the water yesterday has really reset both my body and my energy system. I had noticed my mind falling towards the pessimistic side of things more often and I felt a sense of detachment from everyone around me. I knew I loved them, that they were important to me, yet I could not fully engage like I can at times when I feel better. I seem to grow invisible self-protection walls when I’m not feeling great and I can really see how they stop me from connecting to others fully. Today I could feel perceptibly lighter.

Rock in Riviera Beach
Between rock and a fluid place.

I woke up, had breakfast and drove towards Riviera in the hope of surf. Surf was not to be had (because no waves) but there was plenty of sun and rock and I made the most of both. I spent a good few hours soaking in the sun on the rocky side of the bay. I went for a little bouldering expedition, had a tiny mini dip in the water and eventually made my way up and back to the city. In Floriana I was rudely reminded of the realities of carnival. Traffic, hordes of people, loud music and of course floats. Feeling grounded yet light as a feather nothing phased me as I sang my way through the traffic (to onlookers’ amusement), managed to find great parking and got home in good spirits.

Having hardly done any work on the Streets of Valletta update this week I decided to make up for it a little. I donned my most colourful clothing (to blend into the fluorescent crowds), and walked two long streets making notes where I found things had changed since the first version. Strait street brought so many changes I could hardly keep up. I realised that some of my favourite old signs have disappeared and that practically all of the buildings are under construction in some way or other. The changes happening in Valletta are just insane. In Old Bakery Street I met local gentleman Spiro who gave me some pointers, shared some stories and also lamented the pace at which the city is changing. He cut a dapper figure in his tweed jacket and hat. At the top of Old Bakery I stopped for some VERY late lunch  as I listened to the blaring carnival music and watched a guy inflate helium balloons in his van. One horse-shaped balloon drifted out and made a very surreal image of this horse galloping up in the sky.

Carnival float in Valletta
Giving me the evil eye

I took the long way home through the carnival and marvelled at the amazing costumes. I had never noticed just how beautiful and intricate they are. I don’t think I’ve done carnival for many many years and it was good to appreciate the beauty, randomness and Malteseness of it all.

Carnival costume in Valletta
Mad hatter’s tea party accompanying a float featuring Ann Fenech and the Panama Papers. Very fitting indeed.

At home I did the classic pizza and movie combo and managed to sleep through most of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, as you do. I end the day as I’ve done this past week, writing. Only this time in my purposely-constructed writing room made out of a blanket that envelopes both me and the laptop while the cat formerly known as Eeeef (yesterday we collectively christened her Steve) attempts very hard to open the front door.