Experiments with enough – Day 24

Experiments with enough - Diary of a freelancer

This morning’s wake-up was much better than yesterday. I woke up feeling rested and went straight into yoga, breakfast and getting ready mode. Today I did my marketing manager session in the morning, starting my day with email marketing reports and trying to find ways of sharing stats in ways that are easily understandable. At some point during this process I found I needed to install Flash player to be able to look at a tutorial that came with our email marketing software. Being on a managed network, installing anything needs an admin password that only IT have so I called our IT guy for help.

He started to listen and got a little frustrated that I had called as it messed up his queue system and asked me to send an email. I am so not used to being so not in control of my own working tools. I found this whole thing both maddening and rather amusing. So anyway  I sent the email using my best tongue-in-cheek version of office speak (even statutory rights made their way in there) and sure enough around an hour or so later the admin password got entered through remote access. No word about whether the IT guy found my email amusing or offensive or whether it was entirely normal. Watch this space (not).

IT shenanigans aside today was calm and purposeful. As the end of my time there looms close I’m trying to stay focused on the things I wish to close before I leave aside from keeping things ticking without gaps. In the afternoon I worked from home and it was SO wonderful to walk home in the sun between one thing and another. There’s something magic about not having fixed hours, about having the flexibility to run errands around your work, about focusing on the work that needs to be done rather than the hours it needs to be done in.

My working day today ended with a meeting of this group of creatives that is coming together. We’re slowly getting organised, seeing what we stand for, how we can support each other in doing what we love and also eventually share the idea that a creative life is possible even in this little island of ours. I’m really looking forward to being part of this as it develops.