Experiments with enough – Day 23

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A little mini short one today in the hope that I can get to bed early and not repeat this morning’s cycle. Recipe for a hazy morning:

  1. Sleep too late and try to wake up early.
  2. Decide you’re far too tired and attempt to sleep some more.
  3. Entertain the worry that something might happen to a loved one while your phone is on airplane mode (!) and switch off airplane mode.
  4. Become intrigued by the cacophony of sounds and notifications. Check emails, messages and of course Facebook.
  5. Wonder how your ex is doing and nip to said profile to have a wee look.
  6. Repeat with another few people.
  7. Emerge an hour later suffering from low blood sugar and all kinds of existential questions.
  8. Decide that you have now lost your morning yoga slot and attempt to get out of bed, feeling hazy.
  9. Get distracted by a phone notification and get sucked into yet more screen staring.
  10. Finally manage to pull yourself out of bed and into the shower for the day to actually begin.

Thankfully breakfast + general morning activity + some sunshine eventually helped me come to some kind of lively state but suffice to say this morning was not my proudest moment. It did however show me a lot about how important it is to make it easier for myself to make my preferred decisions in moments of weakness. And to always get enough sleep. On which note….