Experiments with enough – Day 25

Greta Muscat Azzopardi - Diary of a freelancer

Today has been one of those too much days. I literally did not have a break of more than 10 minutes anywhere in the day and even then, stops were few and far between. I know this is a daily reality for many but it’s definitely not a model I appreciate for myself. I woke up early and made the usual mistake of switching my phone on to see when I would be having my first meeting. I glanced at an email by a client chasing some work which of course got my brain working right away. I skipped yoga and went on to shower, breakfast and a little spot of artwork updates before I headed out.

The first four hours mostly revolved around fundraising efforts for the Venice Biennale project. How to approach potential sponsors, who to talk to, how to restructure our documentation to better suit whoever we are getting in touch with. I had forgotten (since my advertising-selling days), how often an email, no matter how short and simple, gets completely ignored. Of course people are busy and perhaps emails are something that can easily be brushed aside. Sometimes it feels a little like talking aloud in public though, you know people have heard you and you can see them act like they haven’t, just because they don’t quite know how to react.

I went straight on to my afternoon work without a break and ate at my desk while I caught up with what happened since yesterday. The realisation that I only have a further week and a half there was very present with me as I tried to prioritise things and close jobs in time.

From there I went straight to a meeting with a client I worked for around two years ago. There’s a bug on the website I worked on that needs solving and that took up the next few hours while I updated software, went back to old correspondence and had some conversations to see what fixing it entails. In the meantime someone found a spelling mistake in a document I created this morning so had to amend (oh the joys of magic photoshop fixes) and I also caught up with some overdue artwork I owed a client.

It’s now after 11pm and it’s definitely time for some sleep. The thought of all the things that I still owe people is on my mind, as is tomorrow’s results announcement which will let me know whether my funding application was successful. Fingers and toes firmly crossed.