Experiments with enough – Day 69

Future crafting day. Today I was part of a day long workshop that tried to imagine what a food future for Malta might look like. Facilitors Maja and Nik from ‘transdisciplinary laboratory’ foam helped us imagine 4 scenarios of the future: a continuation of the present, a collapse, forced change and transformation. We looked at futures from 5 to 500 years in the present trying to imagine what each scenario looks like, what the food system in it looks like and how things work there.

It intermittently felt like play and something serious, which usually means it’s a worthwhile and valid thing. There’s more of that coming tomorrow.

Tonight I got an email saying that my most recent project proposal has been unceremoniously rejected. Which left me feeling both very disapppointed and dejected. I thought this proposal was a solid thing but things still seem to have fallen through. I have no idea if it’s salvageable or not but I definitely aim to learn more about the dynamics behind the whole thing. At the end of the day I know things all work out eventually, this phase is not my fave though.

Proposals aside, I had some great conversations tonight that reminded me to re focus my attention on documentation and on doing it a lot better for my own projects first and foremost. I love documenting processes and happenings and there is so much need for learning to do it effectively without getting I need the way of things. It is most definitely a needed thing. Let’s see where this goes.

Update: My project partner pointed out that the email that we received referred to a different project title to ours. It’s  funny how the mind runs with things without fact checking sometimes. So the jury is still very much out as to whether or not our project will go through.