Experiments with enough – Day 67

It’s almost 9pm and I’m tired. It’s been a long day without much stopping. Early morning yoga, a Skype call with Australia which opened up the potential for a lot of new work, a meeting with a curator and a production manager about possibly project managing part of their exhibition. It’s incredibly interesting work and probably could turn into hectic long hours over many months. I’m supposed to decide how many hours I dedicate and what my rate would be. It’s one of those times when I need to take stock of how much money I need to live, what makes me feel valued, what I want to be doing and how it all fits together. Of course things take their own course in the long run but I still need to make these kinds of decisions every so often.

At lunch we had another of our parking space events. This time a lunch in Merchants street. We got many funny looks (discreetly, most people were too shy to stare), a few interactions and a fun time was had in a parking space. It’s the most natural thing to do to just eat outside yet it’s also a really strange thing. As humans we tend to picnic in the countryside if at all, definitely not between two cars in a busy Valletta road (even though Parkin has lots are favourite picnic spots for many Maltese). I’m enjoying the exploration, the self challenge (do I really want to go down three flights of stairs with a table and picnic cooler, do I really?) my feelings while I’m there and the interactions and reactions from passers-by. It feels like a worthwhile thing.