Experiments with enough – Day 66

Monday, funday (? Is that allowed on a Monday?), homeworking day in Valletta. I woke up at around 9am, feeling a bit lazy but I had no morning meetings so why not?

I had breakfast, showered and sat down to work by 10. The benefits of having an office right there in your balcony.

I had a quote to put together, some new work to discuss, some layout work to finish and some Biennale social media posts to plan.

I managed to cook (my version of kusksu), pay my electricity bill to the landlord who refuses to have my name on the contract just because I am Maltese and enjoy a sunset sit-down on the walls of Hastings Garden.

I tried to watch a film thinking it was a cute coupley thing to do but ended up sleeping through most of it. Oh well. There’s always next time…