Experiments with enough – Day 62

A red day in many respects. Country drama, red picnic cooler, red jacket, red light in the room I’m writing from at the moment. While the country has been imploding / exploding about Panama companies, I’ve been going about my day doing my best to expend as little energy as possible on this latest fiasco. The whole thing is just seriously awry.

Today was a day of home working, veg buying (from the awesome Veg Box in Villa Bologna), parental visiting and finally the first of our parking space events.

Dreamt up by Letta and co-created between the Arch B residents (that’s Letta, Johannes, me and two cats) we ventured out into the city and occupied a white parking space for two hours or so. We sat with chairs, a table, food, wine, picnic cooler and of course the customary BBQ. The whole thing started off as a mini exploration and experiment but turned out to be a highly enjoyable event. It made us look at outdoor space differently, question the space that’s reserved for cars, interact with quite a few passers by and dream up the next few episodes of things happening in a parking space. We also ate a lot of food, witnessed a mysterious fire across the road (the occupants of the building thought it was our BBQ smoking their place up) and had a highly enjoyable evening hanging out between two cars. Who would have thought?

The night ended with Matthew Brincat’s book launch at Maori. I’ve followed his posts on Facebook for a while now and really look forward to delving deeper through his poetry book ‘Random’.