Experiments with enough – Day 61

I’m so happy to be almost at the ‘go to bed and sleep’ portion of the day. I’ve just been to Blitz for the opening of their Truth || Lies exhibition (totally recommended, it’s open until the 17 May) and now feeling utterly sleepy.

The highlight of my day was probably a lunchtime mission to the Qormi post office that included slow motion service, a broken jar of Ukrainian mountain honey and some really important (sticky) documents.

I finally finished my Streets of Valletta updates this morning after a good two hours of walking the perimeter road. I’m really seeing absolutely all of Valletta through this work, today I walked through at least two streets that were new to me. There are always more hidden layers to this city.

The exhibition tonight gave me many feelings. A little frustration over the opening night chatter that made it difficult to get absorbed in the works, many instances of connection, especially through Sara Rees’film Fragments of a City and a mixture of depth and confusion in the excellent ‘The Bull in The Room’. The feeling of being surrounded by so many interpretations of the same story and finally my own image in front of the bull’s head made for many questions about what it takes to form an opinion about something, the idea of standing your ground and a sense of sadness about not knowing what’s true or not even for myself many times.

Hats off to Alexandra and all the artists and humans involved in putting this together. It’s an excellent and very timely commentary, prod, question mark. I will definitely visit again at quieter times.