Experiments with Enough – Day 52

Finally I found some time to stop tonight. I had a full day: Biennale morning, nomadic afternoon working from a cafe in Valletta, home for some more work, writing, laundry, some random cleaning. Then I got a message that reminded me there was a beautiful full moon outside.

I put my to dos on hold and took myself down to the sea for some moon time. At times like these I remember how important it is to stop. How much I miss when I’m moving from one thing to the next on autopilot, how my own voice only dares whisper when I make adequate space for it.

There’s an intensity within me that’s bottomless, there’s wholeness, total unity with everything, knowledge of my significance and insignificance in the grand scheme of things.  A fleeting sense of just how much exists beyond that which I think I perceive. Perhaps at some point it will all come together in one big aha moment. Then again, perhaps the questions will always remain. In truth, I kind of like inhabiting the space within them. It’s the magic place where things change.