Experiments with enough – Day 19

Open Mic event - Experiments with enough Freelancing diary

At the end of today I feel full of creative energy, inspired, calm, joyful, connected, full of love and also rather tired. It’s been an active and eventful day.

It started with yoga. I finally got to the last day in the 31 Day Yoga Revolution thing I was following on Facebook and did the last flow practice of the series. What next for my mornings?

A hurried fruit breakfast and shower later I power-walked to Floriana for the four hours of the day when I wear my corporate marketing hat. This morning I mostly concentrated on a review of email marketing templates, trying to figure out what is extra, what is missing, what could be more effective in fulfilling the needs it was trying to fulfil. I had a training call cancelled because my contact was trying to get a photo of the Queen. That’s definitely a first.

At about 1:15pm I headed to the ID Cards office to finally apply for my card. It was a waltz from one office to the next. Reception to office 1 to office 2 to office 3 to office 4. Each office does one little step in the grand journey that ended with a pink sheet of paper which is essentially my ID card until the actual one arrives.

Tasting Tomorrow - FOAM - Experiments with enough Freelancing diary

The afternoon was dedicated to food networks in Malta. Time’s Up, an organisation based in Austria that describes itself as a laboratory for the construction of experimental situations, organised a workshop entitled Tasting Tomorrow. Part of their series of workshops about possible futures, this one was facilitated by FOAM – a network of generalists who aim to find connections and intersections between art, science, nature and everyday life, this time through food. They brought together an admirable array of food organisations, businesses, interested people to map out the current situation, identify gaps and also list resources and needs within it. The attendee list veered very strongly towards the healthy, conscious, fair trade kind of businesses / organisation so it was not representative of the whole system, however it was absolutely wonderful to have such a collection of people come together. I learnt about many new projects, met new people, saw some possibilities for collaboration where our ideas intersected. I left the place energised and enthusiastic and very much looking forward to seeing what will eventually come out of this.

Last stop for the day was Inizjamed’s Open Mic night in Splendid, Strada Stretta. It was SO beautiful to sit amongst an interested, engaged crowd and listen to moving poetry, stories, music by many very talented humans. I really realised how much I miss writing poetry and how I long to get back to it. Soon, soon 🙂