Experiments with enough – Day 16.5

Pitch preparations. Diary of a freelancer.

Yesterday I got home with a pounding headache and went straight to bed. At some point, in bed, I remembered that I still had not written my diary but decided to go ahead with the sleeping routine and write first thing in the morning. So here I am, still half in bed because it’s the only warm place around the house where most other humans are still sleeping. Ironically I had a conversation over dinner yesterday evening, about working from bed and how I really don’t like doing it at all because I tend to get stuck there. With the pitch coming up this morning though, there is very little chance of that happening.

Yesterday was a long day. I worked on the pitch for this morning as I tried to condense a complex project into 5 minutes. It’s really good practice to time yourself and see where you waste time in umming and aahing rather than actually carefully choosing words that explain.

I spent my afternoon at the office on my first day alone, which was thankfully quiet enough to let me get on with things without distractions (if you discount technological woes which plagued my first two hours). I walked home, worked on the pitch for another hour and a half and went for the dinner I was invited to fashionably late. Dinner conversation ranged mostly from the mildly weird to the full on absurd, which kept everyone amused. I loved being there but my sinuses were making their presence felt and I was in full observer mode noticing the nuances, the unexpected edges, the soft bits in this group of people I am currently also working with. It was great to get some new insights. At times like this I really feel the urge to bring out my notebook and write, to record quotes, snippets of people. I’ve been known to do it, with Don Michele, the priest who owned the building the Italian artistic residence I went to was hosted in, calling me ‘la spia’. Last night I resisted the urge though.

Back to this morning, it’s time to go and do my morning things and do one more overview of the pitch that’s at 9:25. Let’s hope it goes well, whatever that leads to.