Experiments with enough – Day 93

Bahrija Oasis | Permaculture Malta

Bahrija day. Early wake up, breakfast and a drive to Bahrija to welcome a group of students from Kingston University in London who visited Bahrija during a fieldwork trip to Malta. It was fun to see them explore the wonders of a compost toilet for the first time and their surprise at how ‘normal’ it all was. Favourite question, “where is the closest glass of wine to here”?

A mean curry later courtesy of Johannes and some afternoon laze in the shade time we spent some blissful hour or so shelling beans that will be used for seed. I had not shelled beans since I was probably six or so in my grandfather’s room-on-the-roof in Mellieha. It was definitely a nostalgia-filled moment.

The day ended with sunset surf (well Jo’s did, mine involved proud cheering on from the sidelines since the waves were a bit too enthusiastic for my beginner status), a parental visit and some cat loving before finally heading home. The more time I spend at Bahrija, the more energy I want to dedicate to getting the NGO to a financially sustainable status where it can really support more work to be done there. Question is, how do I create the right set of circumstances to facilitate me doing that?