Experiments with enough – Day 80

Windy parking space dinner | parking space events

A day spent predominantly shopping, which is a complete non thing for the me of the past few years. I usually do a lot more of the use what you have and possibly make something new out of it kind of thing. Today though I felt like I needed some things and off I gingerly went to find them.

I had forgotten just how long shopping takes. And how overly lit all the shop mirrors are so that if I started the day with a sense of lack that I thought I could solve by buying things, I ended it with a long list of bodily image issues which I now feel like I need to do something about.

I always pass for fewer years than the times I’ve actually circled round the sun and have never thought much about ageing. In the harsh changing room lights that make shadows from every bump on the body though, I was confronted with my 34 year old self and could suddenly see myself getting older, with all the thoughts and ideas that came out of that.

In the evening Johannes and I had an aptly named Windy parking space dinner. We descended on the area around the ex water polo pitch in Valletta with out table, seats, cooler, food and a board saying “Windy parking space dinner. Free food.”

We had a few passers by comment, extremely quizzical looks by quite a few cars (for some reason the dirtiest looks come from SUV drivers), a conversation and some shared food with a dad and his daughter who were walking their dog, a cat, a fishing boat and a crowded looking party boat.

There was also wind. Lots of wind. Things kept flying and we kept chasing them and trying to hold them in place in some kind of choreographed comedy of gusty wind. We eventually conceded the win to the wind and retreated to eat our Twistees in the sheltered confines of the car.