Experiments with enough – Day 58

Baby cactuses - Experiments with enough

I’m not sure if I’m getting out of a work loop or if I’m still stuck in one and looking to create the next one. Work is calming down. I’m finally getting to do the things I’ve been putting off till when ‘I’m less busy’, which apparently is now.

Today I worked from home in the morning and it felt wonderful. I did my morning yoga, I had a nice and calm (not so healthy according to Marion Mizzi’s Figolla calorie alert post) breakfast and settled down to work in my sunny balcony in the company of some newly planted baby succulents (according to head gardener Johannes, my take was ‘cactuses’). I finished my web copy writing job (first draft at least), sent in my Malta Water Association article, did some catalogue work for one of my clients and even managed a little Biennale social media work.

I went out for a meeting at 3pm about a new project and headed to Rabat for the afternoon / evening. Johannes is working on an exhibition at the new Studio Solipsis and I went to check it out and also see if book-binding magician Glen Calleja could do anything about my falling-apart book. Going there my head was full of commentary about things being more efficient if I went to work from home, about me intruding on their work on the exhibition etc etc etc. I got myself in there an actually spent some good hours working there as well as checking out the place and helping out with some shelf construction for the exhibition (nothing like some good DIY).

Tonight I’m aiming for an early night but a section of my brain is thinking about where the next batch of work is coming from. I still have a lot in the pipeline but there’s some kind of mechanism in there that feels it needs to keep the workload consistent rather than allow it to fall to more comfortable levels. The truth is that I have incredible amounts of things that I want to do, that I feel are needed, necessary but that do not directly generate income. My default is to disallow myself from doing any of them because ‘I should be working on paid work’. Which is of course a big load of bull crap. I find it really hard to take myself out of the endless loop of doing / sourcing paid work and just concentrating on what I deem interesting / intriguing / necessary without worrying on the economics.

In the end, as with absolutely everything else on this ball of watery rock spinning in space, finding a balance is key.