Experiments with enough – Day 21

Sanya Spa - Experiments with enough - Freelancing Diary

This morning I was technically supposed to meet Peppi to work on Permaculture Foundation things before going surfing. What actually happened was that I stayed in bed till almost midday and totally skipped the working on the Foundation things part of the day. I felt like I was letting Peppi down, like I was an irresponsible human, etc etc etc. In actual fact I totally needed the lazy morning and it made way for a very welcome day of relaxation and lighthearted fun.

With the morning already over, we packed the car with ourselves and headed to Bahar Ic-Caghak where surfing was happening today. The spot there is a tad too tricky to beginner me so I just watched enviously as the pros caught some amazing waves. I can never tire of seeing the unstoppable Yasmin surfing. There’s something very magical and inspiring in watching a female human of my stature ride the waves like she does. One day …. 🙂

I, on the other hand spent most of the afternoon having (mostly) dry fun on land. The sun was delicious, the waves mesmerising, and they all made for a delightful few hours of play. With the surfers sufficiently waved-out we headed en-masse for Sanya Spa at Hilltop Gardens in Naxxar. I’ve been there twice for meetings but never had the opportunity to try it out. Today I did and what a place! I’m not much of a spa girl usually, mostly because the spas I have come across locally seem to be dated, noisy, overly chlorinated spaces that do not exactly mend my soul. Not this one. The simple sauna and steam room, the multi-temperature shower combined with coloured light that makes the experience feel like something out of an art film, the mind-stopping music (your mind instantly turns to mush as soon as you enter the spa), the sofa-filled library curtained off with bamboo, the serene pool, top notch bar and cafe area, etc etc etc. I was seriously impressed and walked out of there about 10 grades lighter than when I walked in. Restoration on seriously epic levels and gratitude to match.

Last stop of the day (before my diary) – some artwork that needs doing before sleep. It’s late, it’s Saturday night and I’m sleepy but after such a beautiful day it all seems totally doable.