Experiments with enough – Day 10

Ghaxaq carnival. Picture by Johannes Buch.

Recipe for an upset stomach.

  1. Go to Ghaxaq
  2. Drink a Blue Label
  3. Because you’re a total lightweight, decide you need food
  4. Buy some prinjolata (for the German boyfriend, of course)
  5. Eat most of it
  6. Wander into the Labour party kazin
  7. Buy mozzarella sticks
  8. Eat all of them
  9. Hobble all the way to the car feeling like the Michelin man.

So yes, I sampled the weirdness that is the Ghaxaq carnival today and apart from the upset stomach part, greatly enjoyed it.

I skipped yoga this morning as I kept snoozing in bed and then had far too little time before my meeting. I ended up with no yoga and no breakfast. Not my favourite morning routine. The meeting went well. I talked to storyteller S about my ideas and we immediately went to the Notarial Archives so that he could experience the magic first hand. The lovely Isabelle took us round and told us many stories that emerged from the many volumes housed there. Post meeting I picked S’s brain about the project and took down notes which later on in the day became a preliminary project proposal which I should be pitching this Friday morning.

Apart from the morning meeting, I did not have set times or locations today so stayed home doing bits here and there and trying to cross out some of my current to dos. It took me hours to finally settle down enough to the able to concentrate and get real work done. I eventually got into the vibe early evening and managed to send the project proposal to the Archives for feedback .I hope they do actually get back.

I did some admin and closed up shop round 8.20 heading for Ghaxaq. It was my first carnival there and it was pretty surreal in terms of what people dress up as (my favourite was a guy with a closed beach umbrella on his head). I really enjoyed the randomness of the experience.

*Main picture by Johannes Buch.