Discovering people. Of street photography and Valletta characters.

Peter Spiteri - Mug Collector

I was thinking this morning, just after I shared a post, that Humans of New York is a deeper version of The Sartorialist. One that delves a little further than what meets the eye. What is it that fascinates us so much in other people? Do we see parts of us, do we see our potential, what we could have been?

On my way back from this morning’s meditation I met Vincent – a Valletta upholsterer working in his little workshop. Fascinated as I was in his trade, he took the time to show me his sewing machine, talk me through the difficulties of his current upholstery task and let me peek into the insides of an old sofa he restored while he explained how the springs are tied to straps and filled in with ‘haxixa’ and covered in sack cloth. He showed me photos of his beautiful handiwork.

Being there really made me feel the magic of discovering people. The joy in delving deeper than just the facade and really seeing what people create, whether it’s fashion, art, furniture or an endless collection of mugs (like Peter, another Valletta character I met today).

For me, these little discoveries help me find pieces of myself and fill me with a sense of real possibility for whatever springs out of me next.

Vincent Cremona - Valletta upholsterer
Vincent the upholsterer in his North Street Valletta workshop.
Peter Spiteri - Mug Collector
Peter and his endless collection of mugs and coasters at the bottom of Republic Street in Valletta (he has many many others not seen in this picture).