My time capsule letter from last year…

My Time Capsule

I’m at a friend’s beautiful Valletta house reading when my phone bleeps its email bleep. I go to notifications and read OhLife Time Capsule – intriguing. Possibly spam?

As I open the email I realise that this was a letter I wrote to myself exactly a year ago today, at a time when I had just quit my job and was preparing to go traveling, full of hope and uncertainty.

Reading my words makes me relive that time, feel the excitement, the nostalgia, the sweetness of those moments. I’d like to share my letter to myself and encourage you all to try this out. To take the time to condense this moment to be relived and appreciated by your future self. Here goes:

“Dear Me (in the future),
I am at a point of great uncertainty, of excitement, of indecision. My head is full of ideas, my feet itching to run but not sure to where.

I’ve handed in my notice at Corinthia and am getting ready to leave Malta in a little over a month. The people and the places I’m leaving behind are pulling at my heart strings. Like really pulling at my heart strings.

Yet I also have the knowledge that I long to roam, to explore, to know more than this little sweet island I live on, these amazing people who have loved me and formed me for the first 30 years of my life.

So I’m setting my sails, leaving the last traces of safety, of ownership and identity to find myself in the realms of the world. Actually more than find myself I hope to concentrate myself, intensify myself, become less brain-full and more mindful, be more in the amazing moment that is now.

So there it is dear self, let’s hope you’re happy with the journey so far, I expect next year to be different than now, just as this year is oh so different than the last. It’s amazing how life changes so much in so little time. Really highlights our ability to make any change we fancy.

That’s it for now dear self, hope you’re centred and happy and full of the joy that comes with being inspired and loved and loving of all that is around you.

So much love for your amazing wonderfulness,



My Time Capsule