#Illridewithyou – Best ever response to scaremongering, terrorism, racism.


You have to love Twitter! And you have to love the Australian spirit even more.

Sydney people have been responding in droves to the fear and resulting racism that the current hostage situation has brought about.

The hashtag I’ll ride with you (#Illridewithyou) is positively teeming with activity on Twitter with everyone offering company for anyone wearing religious attire in public. People are posting about sticking together, support, community and generally being empowered instead of cowering in fear.

Here are some amazing snippets of what’s going on:


It all started with this post from Rachael Jacobs which turned into a hashtag:


Kristen Boschma sticking a hashtag on her bag to make it easier for people to identify her:


Jason Maggs (post has gone viral) explaining why terrorism will never work in Australia:


BBC, Telegraph and countless news channels reporting on people sticking together in the midst of challenges:


What a response! This is the real world people.