José Mujica’s philosophy of life

Jose Mujica

This interview from the Human film project, manages to be heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Never have I seen such insight, humility and no-nonsense attitude from a human, let alone a politician. A humble background and 7 years of solitary confinement should be politics pre-requisites.

Here are a few amazing quotes, watch the full video for more:


Either you’re happy with very little, free from all that extra luggage,

because you have happiness inside,

or you don’t get anywhere.


When you buy something,

you are not paying for it with money,

you are paying for it with the hours of  life you had to spend earning that money.


Man may very well be the only animal capable of self-destruction.


You can always pick yourself up again,

It’s always worth it starting from zero again,

once or a thousand times,

as long as you’re still alive.

That’s the biggest lesson in life.

In other words, you are not defeated till you give up the fight.

You give up the fight by giving up the dream.

Fighting, dreaming, being down on the ground, confronting reality,

that’s what gives meaning to existence, to the lives we lead.