Feminist business principles

Feminist Business Principles

I’d like to share these 12 feminist business principles which I wholeheartedly subscribe to and which I think are an important key to emerging out of the mess humanity is currently in.

They were put together by Jennifer Armbrust, founder of organisation Sister that teaches about the feminine economy. Running a company for the past two years has given me ample opportunity for testing and practicing these principles. I have personally found this way of doing business to be completely in tune with my natural way of doing things when I manage to forget the pressures of the very un-feminist business world that currently shouts out very loudly around me. I keep returning to them as a kind of 12 commandments gently guiding my way.

Here they are:

1. You have a body. 
2. You are connected to the earth, the plants and all living beings. 
3. Integrate!
4. Institutionalize empathy: build frameworks that support feelings. 
5. Embody your values. 
6. Reclaim happiness: make new definitions of success. 
7. Consider everything an experiment. 
8. Free yourself from the myth of the meritocracy. 
9. Tell the truth. 
10. Cultivate abundance consciousness. 
11. A business can be a healing for yourself & others. 
12. A business can be a model for a new social & economic order.

I really recommend the Sister website as a great source for anyone looking to create a business or organisation that embodies feminist wisdom.