Experiments with enough – Day 47

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Success factor of the day, writing my diary at 19:14. It feels strange to be honest. And also some kind of slow return to normality (I hope). The last month and a half have been a whirlwind of busy the kind I have not had in a few years and I’m really hoping that I can settle to something a little looser and softer for the coming months.

I am honestly really loving my work at the moment. I’m combining corporate work with art & culture work that together pay decently (unfortunately the gap between how the two pay is still huge) and provide a good mix of inspiration, perspiration, creativity and variety. Tonight, for the first time in weeks, I’ve actually eyed a few things happening around me and feel free and energetic enough to actually go out rather than work until I practically fall asleep.

A section of my mind is still panicking about things that need doing but I’m also seeing that with a little more breathing space around my fixed work times, things are indeed getting done. This morning I started nice and early with Venice Biennale social media fun (I finally got into the swing of things and started enjoying myself), some rather random sourcing and collecting of things for the Biennale exhibition, an afternoon at Corinthia, further picking up of things for the exhibition, correspondence about some website work that’s close to finished and a quick visit to my Art blog that has sadly been abandoned for over a month. It’s time to get that back on track.

I really love the vibe of morning yoga and some nice and early working on things that need creativity, thought and a calm state of mind. This really works for me. I’m hoping that with a slightly lower workload I can start to catch up on what needs doing and eventually be able to limit my working hours to something that allows me to tip the balance a little more towards life rather than work. Not that the two are so clearly divided for me since the work I do is an increasingly clearer reflection of who I am. You know what I mean though.