Travelling is a Mindset: Curiosity Breadcrumbs 3

Iguacu Foz in Brazil

Issue 3 of my monthly email series: Curiosity Breadcrumbs. This issue is about Travelling as a mindset – a way of thinking that can be embraced whatever our location. Subscribe here.


“Far from our own people, our own language, stripped of all our props, deprived of our masks, we are completely on the surface of ourselves.”  – CAMUS

Curiosity breadcrumbs

by GRETA MUSCAT AZZOPARDI. Writer, curator, strategist, and researcher –

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As I was preparing this-the third edition of CURIOSITY BREADCRUMBS-I found myself meditating upon a quote by Henry Miller. Here it is:

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things” 

I love the reminder to integrate the outlook of a traveller, one filled with a childlike awe and adventure, back into every-day life–especially now that I’m in the home stretch of weaving myself back into the beat and rhythm of Malta’s creative communities. It reminds me to find beauty… source freshness… apply passion, no matter what my daily grind.

Down below, I have some lovely features lined up for you. First, an interview with TORONTO STAR columnist Shawn Micallef about how he nurtures his sense of wanderlust and keeps his observation sharp. Then, some tips intended to help you feel like you’re exploring unknown lands even when you’re home, followed by my thoughts about being back home from travels.

As always, I love your questions and comments. So, if there’s anything you’d like to share, by all means, please do.

Greta xx


Shawn Micallef

I talk to Shawn Micallef, urban columnist for the Toronto Star, editor and co-owner of Spacing magazine and teacher of urban civic citizenship at the University of Toronto, about the flâneur philosophy, psychogeography and the things you can only discover through walking.

To See / Nothing - Aaron Bezzina
To See / Nothing - Aaron Bezzina

Sculpture by Aaron Bezzina


Iguacu Foz in Brazil. Photo by Michael Pace.


Ways of experiencing the magic of travelling whether at home or far.

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Back but forever transformed.


What it feels like to be less nomadic, with the outlook of a traveller

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