A big yes for the yes people. Jackson County successfully bans GMOs.

Celebrating the win

It was my absolute pleasure to be part of the jubilant crowd celebrating the passing of Measure 15-119 to ban (a list of) GM crops from being cultivated in Jackson County. I fully admire the building and execution of this campaign (which you can read more about here) and its absolute success was a fitting conclusion to the effort.

Volunteers, farmers, community members really rallied together to send out a clear, factual, positive message and the people listened. With a 66% majority for accepting the measure, Our Family Farms Coalition and Jackson County really showed how sheer will and good organisation can win against big corporations throwing a lot of money at the cause (like $1million). Community really is key.

Apart from being a win for Jackson County, the local farmers and the community, the ban is a country-wide cause for celebration.

“Today we celebrate our local victories in hopes that they become part of a larger global victory for family farmers everywhere.” Our Family Farms Coalition.


Watch scenes from Election day from Our Family Farms Coalition on Vimeo.


Scenes from the Tractor Rally. Just cause it was so awesome to see tractors on the road and cause I’m in this little version from Our Family Farms Coalition on Vimeo.