integration sessions

I’m officially 40!  My thirties have brought endless change. I can safely say that they have been my decade of the most radical transformation so far. I divorced, quit my corporate job, sold my house (and have not bought one since), did a fair amount of traveling, became my own boss, fell in love a few times, tasted heart break, discovered what empowered partnership is for me, found my innerest voice (and practiced following it), moved house at least 10 times, became a mother, changed the kind of work I do, moved countries, discovered so many things about myself and why I am here. I’m proud to say that I have not followed well-trodden paths. And while that has often not been easy or straightforward, I’m so grateful for every moment.

It was around 10 years ago that one of my teachers told me that my forties would bring a lot of wisdom. The kind of wisdom I’m particularly fond of is something that comes out of experience. Not conventional wisdom, not the wisdom of your elders, your family, your teachers, but your very own. The kind that leads you to the version of yourself you know you have it in you to be. The kind that grows from the experiences you compost and allow to teach your their lessons. And this is exactly what I want to help create here.

In gratitude of the 40 years of experience so far and in the spirit of celebrating and making the most of experience, I’m launching a special service. Enter Integration Sessions. Think of them as a safe, accompanied space to stay with an experience that feels important to you. To stay with it long enough for it to land, integrate and give you the gifts it holds.

Although we often know that certain life experiences are milestones for us, it’s so easy to just launch into the next thing without taking the time to integrate them. This is my way of encouraging you to take that time. To truly hold that experience for a long moment.

Available in April and May.

What kind of experiences?

These are 90 min single sessions that give you space to process one of your experiences. As you might appreciate, this is nowhere near enough time to integrate something big and traumatic that still holds your nervous system captive whenever you think of it. Those kinds of experiences need more than I can offer here. Perhaps there is an ending that you want to reflect on, an experience that showed you something new about yourself, something that re-framed how you look at life, a time when you chose to step up, or to not step up when you could have, travel, a piece of work that was a challenge to create, a life marker, something you just went through that you want to allow to land deeper.

What can I expect?

I usually start my sessions with some kind of embodiment exercise that encourages your nervous system to relax and you to feel present. We then have up to 90 min to reflect on your experience. You will start somewhere and I will ask questions and reflect back what I hear in a way that might help you to find new ways of seeing things. I will also encourage you to pause when something that feels important comes up. A bit like shining a flashlight on it so it’s not missed.

What’s the cost?

These sessions are offered on a pay-what-you-want basis. I ask for a €25 deposit as a sign of commitment to secure your space. At the end of the session, you can choose to pay more on top of that or even request the deposit back. I have been working with variable pricing for some time now and have had some great experiences with clients choosing what they want to pay. It feels especially important in this particular context. As a value guide, clients usually pay around €130 for a 90min coaching session with me. This is a chance to have the experience totally on your terms.

Main photo by Niels Plotard.